The Zion Ag Team

Zion UMC and Energy Tree form The Ag Team at Zion Urban Farm       

The Zion Ag Team is composed of a partnership between Zion United Methodist Church and Energy Tree, a company with expertise in advanced agriculture and sustainable technologies. The team holds regular meetings and Energy Tree provides training sessions on innovative agricultural methods. In addition, Energy Tree operates an Indoor Hydroponic Research and Production Lab onsite. The Zion Ag Team provides planning, agricultural research, maintenance, planting, and harvesting operations for the Zion Urban Farm. In addition to meetings, trainings, and overall operations of the farm, the Zion Ag Team also visits and takes tours of other agriculture sites in the valley to promote partnership, education, and growth. The Ag Team at Zion Urban Farm is composed of members with expertise in urban agriculture, hydroponics, water conservation, trees, landscaping, construction, farming, food systems, food access, food security, community gardening, greenhouses, indoor agriculture, nutrition, and food preparation.

Zion UMC
Energy Tree

VIDEO: Development at Zion Urban Farm

Development at the Zion Urban Farm has included a variety of aspects such as UCAAT planning and design, land development and surveying, ground work, site preparations, fencing, soil amendment, planting, irrigation, tool sheds, the greenhouse, hydrosphere, solar power enhancements, and more.    

VIDEO: Spending Time with the Farmers

Members of the Zion Ag Team give a tour of various aspects of the urban farm. Highlights include a visit to one of the melon beds, a stop by the greenhouse tomato patch, an explanation of the importance of flowers in the garden, a taste testing in the orchard, and a harvest experience in the urban vineyard.

Zion Ag Team at the Ahern Orchard

The Zion Ag Team at the Ahern Orchard

The Zion Ag Team spends time at the Ahern Orchard to learn about fruit and nut trees as well as grape vines that thrive in Southern Nevada. Varieties included pomegranates, apples, pears and others. These were being studied because they were being added to the Zion Urban Farm. In addition, the team evaluated the success of date palms in the region as they are a dense source of nutrition.

Zion Ag Team plants the Orchard

The Team plants the Zion Orchard

The Zion Ag Team plants trees for the Zion Orchard. The traditional desert soil where the trees were planted was not previously cultivated, requiring the use of machines and heavy-duty tools to establish planting sites. Excessive amounts of caliche were removed and soil amendment was added. The orchard has drip irrigation and mulch was placed around the trees to help keep in moisture.

Zion Ag Team Hydroponics Training

Hydroponics training for the Ag Team

Members of the Zion Ag Team participate in a 12-week certification course for advanced indoor hydroponics. The course, designed and implemented by Energy Tree, integrated lessons such as the light spectrum, growing medium, hydroponic reservoirs, planting techniques, harvesting, and food preparation.

Zion Ag Team Hydroponics Training

The Zion Ag Team at Provident Garden 

The Zion Ag Team learns about successes in regional planting techniques at the Provident Community Garden in Las Vegas. The garden and orchard, which is managed by Trinity United Methodist Church, features raised garden beds and a variety of fruit trees that are open to the community.

Solar Energy at the Zion Urban Farm

Solar Energy at the Zion Urban Farm 

The solar power system at the Zion Urban Farm can provide the energy needed to support operations of the farm to include powering the automated irrigation system and other functions. Solar power is a source of clean, renewable electricity that can be used for effective resource management.

Zion Ag Team harvests hydroponics

Team members harvest hydroponics

Members of the Zion Ag Team harvest red leaf and other lettuces from the hydroponics grow wall. This harvest was part of an Energy Tree plant research project that integrated light experimentation for the development of speciality salads with specific culinary attributes, such as crispness, coloration, and taste profiles.

Zion United Methodist Church in North Las Vegas, Nevada